Swingers parties will be set up slightly differently than a swingers club. While most of the rules remain the same, your attire may need to be changed a little. Some parties will be more liberal with their dress code than others. Here’s what you should know.

Check the Invitation

Before you make any decisions regarding your attire, check the invitation. If there is a theme to the party, such as a costume party or a pool party, this will be specified on the invitation. If nothing is mentioned regarding attire, you could call the host to verify, or assume it will be standard club attire.

Be Respectful

Since many parties are hosted privately in someones home, you should think about their neighbors and privacy before you show up wearing nothing but chaps and a cowboy hat. Their neighbors don’t want to see this, and the hosts probably need to keep things discrete. You can dress in a sexy manner as long as you keep it classy as well. The best rule of thumb – if you wouldn’t wear it to a nice dinner party, don’t wear it to the swingers party.


While you should look respectable, you can wear skimpy, sexy lingerie under your clothing. Many people choose to bring an overnight bag with clothes to change in to once the party gets going. This is also great for those who wish to wear fetish-wear. Many party hosts will request you show up in ‘normal’ clothing and change inside for costume themed parties as well. This is always acceptable, and typically welcome.