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Swinger Parties General Knowledge

Going to a swingers party can be a fun and exciting experience. Parties hosted at a private home will be much different than the parties hosted by clubs. If you are wondering how things differ, and what to expect, you’ve hit the right place. Know What To Bring Most often the hosts will include information [...]

Advice For Your First Swingers Party

A swingers party can be intimidating the first time you attend one. House parties are set up differently than off premise clubs where no sexual activity is allowed. A house party is a much more open environment where couples are encouraged to participate in sex and have fun. There are rules and etiquette guidelines to [...]

How To Organize A Swingers Party

Setting up a swinging party isn’t difficult. It will require more than just sending out invitations though. If you are thinking of hosting your own party, here are a few tips to consider. Clean Up You want your whole home to be clean and ready for activities. If you own a hot tub or pool, [...]

How To Find Swingers Parties In Your Town

Finding swingers parties isn’t as difficult as you may think. While the community is largely an underground phenomenon, it’s usually much larger than many people think. If you are looking for parties in your area, there are several places you can check out. Local Swingers Clubs Most local swingers clubs will have events throughout the [...]