A swingers party can be intimidating the first time you attend one. House parties are set up differently than off premise clubs where no sexual activity is allowed. A house party is a much more open environment where couples are encouraged to participate in sex and have fun. There are rules and etiquette guidelines to follow. This combined with a more open environment can make the experience awkward for the first timers. Here are a few ways you can get through your first time jitters and have a great time.

Play the Games

Many swingers parties will include some fun and sexy games in the beginning of the evening. This is not only fun, it serves as a way to relax the crowd and get everyone warmed up. Even if you are nervous, go ahead and try to participate. You will find that the nerves start to wear down and you will become more comfortable.

Admit It’s Your First

Telling people it’s your first house party will help ease the tension. Many people will also find this sexy, and won’t mind taking you under their wing. This is a good way to get to know people at the event as well.

Understand the Rules

Spend a few minutes going over the rules. Each house party will have their own set of rules, and breaking these rules can get you thrown out and banned from future parties. If you don’t understand a rule, don’t hesitate to ask someone. The hosts or other guests will have no problem explaining them, they’d rather you ask then break a rule.